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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Question from a blog friend

"When a parent asks you why do they make a doll or a stuffed animal.... I am thinking pedagogically... what do you tell them?"

So in relation to the 6th grade, I would tell the parent.....very patiently....that the 6th grade child is going through many hormonal changes, their body is changing, their moods are changing and their thoughts are changing.....This brings about the question "what is the Human and what is this herd that I belong to?"

Hormones are so primal, so animal, so random!
The girls are getting their periods in this grade, the boys all of the sudden notice the girls.

We want to look at the human we make a doll. it has a face, 2 legs, 2 arms, hair and clothes. it is all in proportion and it is in the shape of a star.....6th grade is also studying astronomy all ties in.

As silly as a doll may sound to a 6th grader....they all love their dolls. even if they say it is their Voodoo doll.

The animals and the herd is also a very important part of this grade. animals that run in a pack are similar to the team work that the 6th grade is trying to maintain and build.

saving an endangered animal is even more powerful.....this REALLY speaks them them

anyone have another thoughts on this topic?

Did I answer this question enough? were you asking just for 6th or for other grades as well?

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Pam de Groot said...

I also think it is saying goodbye to the last of their primary school life, the changes physically and mentally mark the movement into the next phase. Stuffing the doll gives an opportunity to ensoul the object with the last of their childishness.