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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a letter for 6th grade

Dear Parents,
6th graders are at the age where they can have their own tools and are able to be responsible for maintaining and keeping track of them.

Supply list needed for Handwork class
• Scissors
• Sewing Needles
• One spool of thread
• 2 Socks for their sock monsters (new or gently used)
• $3 for the endangered animal project

6th grade

In the sixth grade handwork class we look at the human and the animal form. We focus on puppetry and move back into our fine motor skills of hand sewing.
During our class we will talk about endangered animals and as a group we choose an animal to adopt for the year. The 6th grade will draw a pattern out of felt and will be taught how to make a gusseted form, which should be a mirror image of their endangered animal.
Next the children will move into hearing stories from the Grimm’s fairy tale and will choose two puppet shows that the children will perform for the Kinder classes. The 6th grade will make Marionettes out of silk and will spend time working with more challenging materials like silk.
After this the children will choose a table puppet to make and then move onto making their all time favorite, the Sock monster. The sock monster is a made up figure which brings forth the child’s imagination and allows them to play with proportions and push the extreme of the human figure.

Please make sure that your child brings their supplies at the beginning of the next semester.

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mistress of fiber said...

When a parent asks you why do they make a doll or a stuffed animal.... I am thinking pedagogically... what do you tell them?
Thanks :) bohemianfiberart(at)yahoo(dot)com