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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

I will send all of you off to the New Year with this:

1. If every household in America changed out their lightbulbs with those fluorescent bulbs, it would be the equivalent of taking 1 million cars off the road
2. Take your own bags to the stores. I have been doing this for about 4 years and figure that I've saved about 2,000 plastic bags
3. Start a compost.....less trash in the dump....good for your garden
4. Every happy thought, every thought of gratitude, every kind word you think is sent out to the planet and can actually change consciousness (if you doubt this, look up "Hidden Messages in Water")
5. On that note, smile at everyone and see what happens
6. Drive less.....carpool your kids to school! or ride a bike to school.

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WendyZ said...

What a wonderful list!

I have been using my own bags for a while, and I've finally gotten a couple of friends to switch. I read somewhere that only 3% of plastic bags are recycled. That should be enough to make anyone use reusable! I try not to use produce bags much either.

I also smile at people all the time, but around here people thing you're crazy if you're friendly it seems.