The Handwork teacher

I am a mother to two beautiful girls and I teach Handwork and Fine Arts in our local waldorf charter school in Arizona.

Friday, June 12, 2009

for my art class

Off to the east coast for training

These are toys from our school store....35% off end of year sale baby! I love Waldorf toys!

But before I leave here is an update!
I GOT MY ROOM!!!!! and an assistant for 1st grade!!

I am so happy! I will be gone for several weeks....don't miss me too much :) I will post pictures when I get back!
And for those who want patterns .....I think the best idea is for me to ask when the Handwork training program will start to sell patterns on Etsy......I think that is where they are heading....or a book.....wait and see.

If it is MY pattern I will share everything I have! if it is not...I can only show apologies....I will see about that Etsy pattern link asap

Home work for Sunbridge

my daughter...waiting for her cast to dry

This is actually what I use to do belly casts on expectant mothers.....but here I am using to "study the Hannnnnd"! its a roll of gauze dipped in get it wet and just put it on your hand. ...its like broken arm cast stuff!
my daughter's foot!

I am doing my homework at the moment...."study of the hand"

I did different things for this and one of them was this.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A herd of horses

I have started my herd of horses for kinder class
The red one is my first horse

How to Lazure

1: Paint in a figure 8 motion.
2: Get Gloss base paint from Home depot...they don't have it any place me I looked!
3: get a pigment
4: make brushes that look like broom handles.
5: work with more than 1 person. We had 3 people. The wet person adds on the color with figure 8 Motion....very wet
The 2 dry brushes come behind you and pick up the drips and go over the area you just were in.
It is an aggressive motion.

So first you need to either prime that classroom or you need have a very soft color you are painting over. We are painting over last year's yellow....with a tint of orange that is on the bottom.
Our color is green for 4th grade.

The amount I did here is enough for one don't over do it...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Waldorf woodworking and clay class

our woodwork, clay and beeswax class is run by a fantastically talented woman. If only she new how talented she was! Anyway, here are some things that her class did this year......and again this is just a taste of what came out of this class. I saw some absolutely amazing things wonder out of the woodwork/ clay room.

So for educational support other waldorf woodwork and clay is a small taste of what our school has created this year

6th grade making their own swords for the Medieval games

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Handwork room is homless ..but not for long

At the moment my Handwork room is homeless. All of my items are packed up and sitting in one of the Kindergarten classrooms. I am crossing my fingers that the room that was assigned for me will still be available by the end of the year (I should go pee on it and mark my territory ...right?)......I could use some positive vibes with this in mind.

Our school is in the process of building BUT BUT BUT we are waiting for permits etc for people to start moving around......WELL, we just added on our 9th grade class and that means......Handwork room MUST move to make room.....only because our building has not started. SO!!!!!! I was given another smaller room but it is currently the front office that means that the front office has to move....etc.

This all can and will happen.....everyone is really positive about the change...So please place me in your thoughts when you think about Handwork

Thank you all

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my favorite Etsy pics of the week

I love to look on this is what I was looking at this week....drooling over....getting ideas on what I can make at home.[]=tags&includes[]=title

Okay enough window shopping for now.....I like to shop this way....I think about it for a few days...weeks and maybe I'll buy something....


It's meeting week!

I have lost my Handwork room...but have gained a new one ...THANK GOD!
I am excited for the transition....I get to Lazure again...which I LOVE!

In our meeting yesterday we did 2 very sweet things. 1. we had our faculty split off into 5 groups. Counting off 1,2,3,4,5. about 5-6 people per group. after that we were given 2 months of the year. going backwards from May, April, = group 1 March, Feb = group 2 etc.

From this point we had 30 mins to go and figure out a skit that portrayed those months.

So I was in the group that had Sept, Aug. we had Michaelmas, tractors coming into plow the gardens, the passing of a student, rose ceremony, beginning of school meetings, painting and unpacking our rooms etc.

After we practiced for a while we came back together and acted it was absolutely hilarious!
We made fun ourselves and funny situations that happened during the year (example) one group acted out parent teacher conferences with a conversation that actually happened.
The teacher tells the parents "I haven't received any completed main lesson books from your child this semester" and the parent said " now what are these Maaaain Lesson Books? "

Funny situations like that had us all just rolling with was very therapeutic.

2. the second thing we did was to make a time capsule and appreciation. we all added things into the pot and we will put it in the earth for 8 years and bring it out again.

we also went and thanked those who we felt helped us this year.....I received a very, very kind letter from one of the Spanish teachers who felt like I was a mentor to her this year....I was totally taken back and honored to be blessed with such a compliment! times!
3 more days of meetings....and then room rotation!