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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to Lazure

1: Paint in a figure 8 motion.
2: Get Gloss base paint from Home depot...they don't have it any place me I looked!
3: get a pigment
4: make brushes that look like broom handles.
5: work with more than 1 person. We had 3 people. The wet person adds on the color with figure 8 Motion....very wet
The 2 dry brushes come behind you and pick up the drips and go over the area you just were in.
It is an aggressive motion.

So first you need to either prime that classroom or you need have a very soft color you are painting over. We are painting over last year's yellow....with a tint of orange that is on the bottom.
Our color is green for 4th grade.

The amount I did here is enough for one don't over do it...


Tan Family said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to watch the YouTube video. Thanks for posting it.

wendywonders said...

I absolutely love the lazuring process and it's great to see how others do it. Being a postpartum doula I really enjoyed your handwork is birth quote! What a lovely perspective.

~Phoenix~ said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful technique, I had done it years ago and forgot the proper order!!

Now I am inspired to paint my home!

momto5 said...

what type of pigment did you ise? do they have that at home depot also?


CAROLYN said...

thank you SO much. practitioners seem to want to keep it a secret. i loved that your child was doing the video.

Tamara Littell said...

Thank you so much for this posting!!! There was someone else who asked this: Where do you get the pigment? What kind of pigment is it?
Tamara Littell

Coppermouse Dolls said...

I have just learned about this technique and I am simply blown away by it's beauty. Thank you for going to all of the trouble of posting videos and pictures of your process.

Meg said...

thank you for sharing! we plan on doing this on our basement walls. what type of pigment did you use?

Carly said...

Do you guys do any kind of clear coat on the wall when done to protect it?