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Sunday, January 11, 2009

4th grade cross stitch

Do you see how stiff the Aida cloth is? it's all starched....I buy it that way and it's much easier to use. its 6 count cloth....hard to find!!!!!!!!

My daughter and a friend undoing all the floss so that it can be hung on the rod

During the winter break I received my shipment of DMC 3 embroidery thread for our cross stitch pouch project.
I have allowed the boys to think of the project as an IPOD pouch because they don't want a "purse"


Lovey said...

What a lovely rainbow of colors!

Do you precut lengths for the kids?

leemay said...

Thank you for the sharing.


woolladyfelter said...

We started that this week too. Yes my cloth is not that stiff but after ironing it with spray starch and I am using tape for the edges (not sewn like we did) it really makes it stiff enough for them. Yes its all about the ipod case for use too! Funny - you just can't get way from it.

Tracy said...

This may seem like a silly or obvious question, but I love how you hang your floss and at first I thought it was for decoration. But then, I saw in a video that the students can just pull a piece out as they need it and the whole mess doesn't get tangled.

SO... my question... HOW do you hang all your thread like that??? ;)