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Saturday, January 17, 2009

comment from a dear blogger

This was a comment I received from another sweet blogger, regarding my "Dwarfs are short" song. I just wanted to share because it shows how wonderful songs are for your kids.

"Oh, my eyes are streaming with tears of laughter over the dwarf song! My 3 teenage daughters are in the next room singing it at the top of their lungs...I showed them the video and it brought all their elementary waldorf days rushing back to them. I hope all your readers understand that it is meant to be sung as a round...when the singing is strong and the rhythm is well established the hilarity begins! Thank you! "

I sang it kind of low in the video and I of course I did not sing it in a round. but when sung in a round there is a point where the words
dwarfs ....are....short comes's fun! you have to go back about 5 or so posts to see the video.

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