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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

knitting needles

Knitting Needles -home made!
we took dowels and sharpened them with a hand crank pencil sharpener. after that we sanded and sanded and sanded, then we waxed and sanded and sanded and sanded! till they were nice and smooth.
We then pulled out the femo and started to sculpt. Aletha and Satdarshan started to make the earth, then it turned into the earth and sun, then the moon had to come into the picture... we baked the femo and after that, finished it off with some good old glue.
Now we have our beginning knitters on their way to making many magical things


Mother of Pinky! said...

That's so cool!

lactamama said...

What beautiful pictures! I have switched Lily to shorter needles and she seems to have an easier time...why are the needles so long?

Teaching Handwork said...

I am SOOOO happy you are knitting at home with Lily. it will help her so much next year when we have to start purling with knitting and changing colors, along with making several items in handwork, instead of just 2.

long needles are important when you have many stitches on one needle. it is very good feedback to hear that shorter needles work better. I will experiment with that!