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Saturday, June 23, 2007

First week

that is what I have to say about our first week.
IT has been sooooooo fun! our class is full, . 12 wonderful women from all walks of life.
most of us are away from our families for the first time.......and really enjoying our little "women's" camp!!
in the morning I wake up around 6, do some Yoga and stretch
I have been staying at the Painting and drawing teacher's house this week.
after I shower and get ready, I am off with my 2 bags of books and supplies. I have to walk down a small path from her house, down to the school. it is about a 30 min walk.
At 8 AM we arrive at the Gym and start our day.
we start our day with spacial dynamics
This week we are learning all about the 1st graders. So basically we were 1st graders. we play games all morning. After that class our legs are sore from jump roping, running, skipping, clapping and just basic movement. who would have thought rump ropping would give me sorer legs than running.
we then grab our bags and take the 20 min walk back up the hill to the painting barn.
We again are 1st graders learning about primary colors but we go further and learn the relation to the child's temperament.

after that we head back to the craft studio (10 min walk) and have lecture time with a wonderful woman that has done 3 cycles of grade teaching (meaning she has taken 1st-8th grade 3 times)
Here we talk about foundation studies and Anthroposophy.
After 2 hours of lecture we have lunch at the college cafe. Fresh veggies from the bio dynamic garden, brown rice, pasta, beans etc.
sooooo healthy and yummy!
next we go back to the craft studio and start our crafts.
doll making, knitting, plant dyeing, harvesting plants for dyeing, etc

the crafts end at 6PM and I enjoy my dinner at the cafe again. after that I make my 30 min walk up the hill again to my bed.....But I can't sleep because I still have more to learn. I am prepping for my art classes with the 7th and 8th graders.
and lucky for me, I am staying with the arts teacher! so again I sit for 2 more hours and learn about the 7th and 8th grade art curriculum.....finally I get to close my eyes and fall asleep...but first I must convince the house hold dog to get off the foot of my bed, this he does with a growl and snarl...and so I sleep now,only to do te day all over again in a few hours

I am working on loading pics, but it has not worked yet

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Mother of Pinky! said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. And how lucky for the children that will get to learn from you after this experience.

I'm using to put up my pictures and then put them on the blog. It has worked pretty well so far...but sounds like you aren't exactly full of free time for getting pictures posted!