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I am a mother to two beautiful girls and I teach Handwork and Fine Arts in our local waldorf charter school in Arizona.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here on the East Coast

Here on the East Coast life is a little different...a little faster and a little more cultured.

We went to Kimberton Waldorf school yesterday and I was blown away by the majesty of the campus and faculty. I was able to sit in on 3 different classes. The 5th grade handwork class, the 11th grade handwork class and the 12th grade woodwork class.

All 3 teachers seemed very well versed in their art and in the teachings of Steiner.

I think the best thing for Handwork teachers to do is to GO AND OBSERVE other teachers in other schools.!!!!! talk and talk and talk about your art until you really understand it.

Talk and read and talk and share and talk and send pictures to friends and don't live in a place of fear that what you are doing is incorrect. You are with the students to teach and Waldorf curriculum is so free you can bring just about anything and as long as it is put in the right frame work and tied into other parts of the are sure to have a positive out come.....

Find the truth of who you are as a Handwork teacher. Don't teach what your mentor tells you to do because THEY thinks its what YOU feel is best and what YOU LOVE TO DO!!!! ART, FIBER ART, Metal ART, WOODWORK or HARD HANDWORK etc!

I would love to share pictures of Kimberton but I will have to wait till I get home...there is also this feeling of privacy for the school and I am not sure if they want me to share these pictures...I'll ask and see...I think you all will want a Handwork and woodwork room like these when you see them.....I am so jealous!


Jen said...

I hope you can post those pictures! I receive so much inspiration from all the sharing that goes on in blogs! Thank you for your inspiration, as well!

Theresa said...

How wonderful for you! And thank you for those inspiring words! I am just about to call this year my last year as Handwork teacher unless something more supportive happens at my school! Words of encouragement are so helpfull!

Vernal Pools said...

I am very interested in hearing more about your visit, photos or no photos! How will you incorporate what you learned in your daily/yearly work?

journeyseeds said...

i really like your attitude about your view of the training and handwork. I do think intention is most important. Long ago when i was involved more in waldorf school...i saw some folks not able to bring themselves but, rather a strict rigid formula to their teaching....thanks for sharing this. I so wanted to do the handwork training but, it's just not in the cards for me right now...can't wait to see your photos.

Lisa Anne said...

Were you at Sunbridge for your training? I just got back from the Fellowship Community the 15th-28th...I will be so sad if I missed you.