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I am a mother to two beautiful girls and I teach Handwork and Fine Arts in our local waldorf charter school in Arizona.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chickenpox party!

My younger daughter has the chickenpox!
we thought she had it when she was 6 months old but apparently that was something else....another dark age sickness that has spots and a fever and last about 6 days.

So last week when mothers would come up to me and say "are you coming to the Chickenpox party I would say...."we had it already"       WRONG-O

Anyway, the  kindergartens are overjoyed with the epidemic sweeping through our school


momma rae said...

strange...i was just thinking about chicken pox yesterday...where we are going to find it. ;) hmmm...can't remember where you are, but i know it is not near wnc. will you still have the pox by the time we get there? ;)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

We had a party at our house when we had it too. Both times! :) My youngest wasn't born yet when the olders got it.

I have a starange question for you... would you write me and tell me a little bit about teaching drawing with out outlines? I am having a heck of a time finding online resources to teach my children this type of waldorf art.

BlueRoseMama @