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Sunday, March 30, 2008

8th grade

Would this be too much for 8th grade?
its kind of personal....

I can hear the conversation

parent -"so what are you making this year?"
8th grader- "we are making pads for girls in Africa"
parent-" what kind of pads?"
8th grader - "sanitary menstrual pads for their know what I mean"
Parent- " how do you make a pad...Oh do you mean ones that they would have to use AGAIN?"
8th grader- "yah, did you know they don't throw them away when they are done?"
Parent - "so what are the boys making?"

Yah I don't think this would work for my 8th graders...But maybe the parent handwork group would like to do this.....

what do you think?


knitsteel said...

yes, maybe best for the parents.
8th grade boys would fall over and start to mimic gagging and a torturous death. Some might not even know what it's all about!

A very good idea though.

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

Yeah, I think think 8th grade boys would be ready for such an undertaking, but I agree that it would be a GREAT project for parents to work on!
I just finished making my own cloth pads during my last cycle-- I was very surprised at how EASY they were to make! And I don't even have a serger. Cloth is so much more comfortable and clean feeling too. Not to mention the ovbious environmental benefits : )

Tara said...

My daughter and I are working on this project. It may be a bit much for boys to handle but I don't think there could be a more perfect project for girls this age. We've always done some type of community service but when she saw the Llalawa Diaries site, and the girls her age who would get the pads she helped make, there was a huge light bulb moment. The idea that she could really make a difference in the quality of someone else's life hit home. It was pretty cool.

Cadi said...

I say, have those 8th graders (boys & girls)sew menstrual pads for girls in Africa! I haven't slept on this, so I may feel differently in the morning, but here are my thoughts:
*Altruism is something that, in my opinion, needs to be cultivated, esp. in teenagers living in this country. What abundance they have! And here are girls who have to wonder about something as "basic" as a menstrual pad!
*The project would bring up great environmental & health discussions.
*By 8th grade, students are "caught up" with world history to the present & have studied Africa. They also have the Anatomy block, so most likely they know about menstruation.
*So what if they feel a bit uncomfortable doing this?! Life isn't all about feeling comfy all the time.
*10 years from now the fact that they have sewn menstrual pads in 8th grade may make a great conversation piece, and they will always remember you, their handwork teacher! :-)
*As for the parents, I think if you explain to them, they will be supportive.

Cadi said...

P.S. Boys live a lifetime without ever having a period. The least thing they can do to "make up for it" is to sew menstrual pads! :-)

Poppy & Mei said...

I just recieved my cloth pads through etsy.
I think it's a great idea for the parents group, might get some of the Mums to change over, who knows? Xxx

Lizz said...

I think it's a great cause and good project locally...

woolladyfelter said...

I started using these when my kids were in cotton diapers and I never stopped. I do think it would be too much for 8th boys - even girls? Parents would be great. I love that you take your classroom out of the room - state - U.S. even! I am learning a lot thru you and will be applying it to my new classes next year.