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I am a mother to two beautiful girls and I teach Handwork and Fine Arts in our local waldorf charter school in Arizona.

Friday, March 21, 2008

10 things I am thankful for

it's my turn to do this

1) My children... my 2 girls have changed my life... they are everything to me

2) My Husband...I feel I have a very wonderful partner in life...He is my best friend

3) My 6 years as a Midwife...I have taken time away from my birth world and someday i will go back to it. The mother Goddess and all her handmaidens (sisters of midwifery) they are always in my thoughts

4) Yogi Bhajan my spiritual teacher and Grandfather figure...I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to sit at his feet and learn from him. I am thankful for the teachings he passed on and time time he spent with me and my husband. I am thankful he was our minister at our wedding and blessed us with such a wonderful gift.

5) Waldorf...I am thankful for such a wonderful school! Not only the school but the philosophy behind it...the anthroposophical teachings and the community that comes with the school.

6) Our house...I love our house. I love that we have a home that is beautiful and cozy. I am thankful I had my babies at home in this loving environment.

7) My in-laws and my parents...they have helped us out so much. My in laws are always ready to take our kids on adventures and baby sit when my husband and I have meetings or have to work on days when our kids do have school.

8) Friends...I am thankful for the friends I have who love me without judgment but at the same time, help me grow

9) I am thankful that we have all we need...enough food to eat, cars that work, many wonderful toys and things to enjoy in our home.

10) I am thankful I found handwork crafts to fill that space...that creative cup that always want to be full.


Lizz said...

Beautiful! You are a lucky woman indeed and have so very much to be thankful for.

Dawn said...

This was a beautiful post. Grateful people always seem to be the happiest people.

shelleycaskey said...

what a lot of wonderful things you have to be grateful for!

Yarrow said...

How lovely. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me.

Poppy & Mei said...

Your ten things made me think about how lucky I am too.
I'm all warm & fuzzy now, thank-you...Xxx

denise said...

Wonderful things to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing!

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

It's amazing how powerful it is to write down what we are thankful for.