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Saturday, March 22, 2008

6th grade project

Here is a sample of what we are doing this week

In the Handwork class we have spent several weeks discussing and pondering over what endangered animal we would like to adopt this year and we have unanimously decided that the polar bear needs out attention and support.

In this project, we as a group, decide on an animal and contribute needed funds to an organization that is committed to saving endangered animals. In return they send us an adoption certificate of the animal we are supporting. The name on the certificate will read: The 6th grade class of 2008 DMS

This week several of our 6th graders in Handwork are already starting on their bears. To do so, we sketch a drawing of our endangered animal on paper and then cut out the pattern with wool felt to make a table puppet.

These animals will go home with your child as soon as they are done.

Here are some facts about the Polar bear we are helping to save

Polar Bears are one of the largest carnivores on earth, but their problems are even bigger. Some scientists predict that polar bears could disappear from Alaska and most of their habitat in the next 50 years and become extinct in the wild within 100 years.

Global warming is robbing these Arctic icons of vital marine habitat - the older, stable sea ice they need to survive. Already, polar bears are drowning and even resorting to cannibalism as their home and feeding grounds melt away.

To make matters worse, Big Oil continues to relentlessly lobby Congress to open the Arctic Refuge the most important onshore denning habitat for polar bears -- to destructive oil exploration and drilling.


shelleycaskey said...

i love this polar bear project! what a great way to teach the children about caring for our world and the animals we share it with.

Cadi said...

Awwww. The polar bear! How wonderful. I lefta part of my heart in Alaska! :-) What a special animal!

Mother of Pinky! said...

Great idea.

Lizz said...

A good cause and a good craft!

Poppy & Mei said...

Lovely project & very interesting info, thank-you...Xxx

Tara said...

I need to show this to my daughter, who is all about the polar bear. I'm betting she'll want to join your 6th grade class in spirit and sew one of her own.

maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

My 6th grader is finishing up her doll. I really wish our handwork teacher would use her class as a way to do some outreach. Rather than making things for themselves, I wish they'd be making for others. They are old enough now...

Teaching Handwork said...

Thank you Ladies for your support! it means the world to me!

Sarah- Out reach in the upper grades is soooo valuable to the children. especially in 6th 7th and 8th. they are the Romans the explorers and the Industrial workers...they see the world differently now

You can always out reach with her :)