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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thoughts for waldorf kindergarten class handwork

I don't have pictures because I am still out of town....

But a few people have asked for Kindergarten handwork ideas.

In the early childhood class the most important crafts which support their senses, nourish their soul and help in fine motor skills would be:

Note: Please only use pastel the darker colors for later years. plant dyed is best.

1) Wet felting. this can be making small balls with just a very small hand full of felt. make a bunch and sting into a necklace.
wet felt a big ball with a bell inside. this can be used to play with or as an ornament.
wet felt a mouse on your thumb (you will need pictures to see this)
wet felt a chick (again you need pics)\
wet felt a mat. put a shower curtain on the ground and lay sheets of batting on the ground. cross layers so that the batting will felt. Now put some warm soapy water on top and have the children felt with their feet by stamping on the roving.
2) sewing
very important for fine motor skills.
sew a knot baby
sew a gnome
sew a tooth fairy pillow
3) roll balls of yarn. always roll away from the self. you are rolling the ball for the world. even if you are making the item for yourself. you are still helping others. so you wrap it down and it comes up and over and wrap forward towards the world.
4) finger knit and finger weave. I should do a u tube on this......
5) weaving


Maymomvt said...

my girls made sweet fluffy butterflies, felt balls that magically turned golden in the night at Harvest Festival time, and angels out of roving. I know theres more, but I can't remember it all. Their kindergarten teacher is quite an artist and was always doing crafts with them.

Lizz said...