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Sunday, July 27, 2008

3rd grade soap sponge and dyed cotton yarn

soap sponge

yarn for puppets


denise said...

Love the colors!

I have sewn soap covers many times, but to crochet one looks even better! :)

Cadi said...

It's a new feature, I think. Go to "customize" then click on "add page element." Next screen pick "add blog list." I couldn't figure out a way to "transfer" everything, so I had to retype the links, but it's nice to have the updates right there. Hope that helps. Blessings, Cadi

Anne said...


I thought you would like the photos!

Answer to your questions is yes and yes. If you click on the flickr photo link on my blog. You can see the photo a bit bigger and a few more photos I took on the day.

Anne said...

Me Again...

I re-read your comment. No, I don't mind if you put me on your blog roll. Did you get the comment I posted a few minutes before this one? My 14 month old son attacked the keyboard just after I pressed the 'publish your comment' button. The computer went a bit funny so I'm not sure if it wiped the previous comment.

If you click on the flickr photo link, you will see the photo bigger and some other photos that I took on the day. I don't mind if you use them.

This is what I love about blogging - we all get ideas and inspiration from each other :)

Lizz said...

Gorgeous dyed yarn.