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I am a mother to two beautiful girls and I teach Handwork and Fine Arts in our local waldorf charter school in Arizona.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Curriculum this year

Just putting thoughts down....are you ready?

grade one:

Story about sheep and wool
intro to wool spin with stick
make knitting needles size 8
learn slip knot
finger knit bulky wool for handwork bag draw sting
finger knit Golden chain to take home and wear that day
learn to cast on
Knit Cat...cast on 16 stitches make a square white wool
Knit a Bird...cast on 14 st make a triangle plant dyed wool
sew on to bird, felted wings and beak
Knit a pentatonic flute case. cast on 30 st. 8 different colors. change colors every 2 ribs (4 rows)
Knit Bear Plant dyed wool brown shades
Knit rainbow ball

Grade 2

Braid string for their new handwork bags.
Knit a mouse. cast on 10 stitches knit into a square. sew on ears and tail. we will plant dye wool
Knit/ pearl an owl.
Knit a Gnome
Learn to crochet a chain as long as you are tall
Crochet a bracelet. chain 5, turn around stitch, single crochet back and forth to make a cuff.
Crochet a potholder. crochet 20 stitches. back and forth
Crochet a bag
Knit a lion

Grade 3

Crochet a chain for the new handwork bags
Plant dye wool for their recorder cases 2 colors per bag
Tell story of Stone soup. have children choose characters
Crochet hand puppets for Stone soup puppet show for Kindergarten
Make spindles
Learn to Spin.
Crochet with spun wool
Learn to weave on Lap looms
Make place mats or bags

Grade 4

Draw pictures of how to embroider handwork bags. use embroidery hoops
Make Handwork bags
Make cross stitch fountain case
Cross stitch pouches using mirrored image

Grade 5

Make new Knitting needles
Make a horse this is their "remember how to knit" project
Go to first grade for 2 classes to help teach knitting
receive 5 double pointed needles and learn to knit in a round
Knit a Hat
Knit fingerless gloves.
Penpals with the Flagstaff waldorf school

Grade 6

Talk about what endangered animal they want to adopt as a group. ( ie the polar bear)
Make a pattern on paper of the animal.
have each child bring in $4 to adopt the animal.
cut out the pattern and pin onto felt. cut out felt pattern and pin. Must be a gusseted animal
Make a table puppet
Make a marionette. assign parts before beginning for the Kindergarten puppet show.
Make a sock monster

Penpals with the Chicago waldorf school

Grade 7

Make Lesson Books. sew paper together. Make cover....( we might make the cover paper from scratch)
Wet felt ball for pin cushion
Make embroidered Pencil cases for the 2nd grade
Needle felt people and choose where they are from (ie India) skin, hair , clothes must match
wet felt Renaissance hats
Pen pals from South Africa

Grade 8

Make Lesson books
Draw, label and name their sewing machine
history of the sewing machine.
sew jewel pouches for the 1st grade
sew pumpkin pin cushions
sew fleece hats learn to read a pattern
sew quilted pillow case
sew fleece gloves. make up pattern with their own hand. or Bags
Pen pals from Costa Rica


Cadi said...

Ahhhh. Your back. Yay! There's someone there again at my handwork inspiration blog. Thanks for that! :-)

Glad you enjoyed Sunbridge. The trainings are always so nurturing, aren't they.

Have fun planning. I'm getting all excited about Rome & Mineralogy specifically.


woolladyfelter said...

Wow you amaze me - I still haven't unpacked and you are not home and you did this already!! Crazy.

Dawn said...

This list is so helpful! I home school and I'm working on planning the year right now. This gives some guidance that will be so useful. Thank you. ;)

Shellece said...

Hi There, your site was just passed along to me as a resource. I am the new handwork teacher at the Corvallis Waldorf School. Previously I was an assistant at Mtn. Oak Charter (waldorf inspired) in AZ. I need all the help I can get! My predecessor left me a highly organized and beautiful program but I would like to update the curriculum in some grades so I love your curriculum ideas. I am not very experienced with felting but I intend to familiarize myself with it ASAP! How might I figure out those felted renaissance hats? Sounds like just what my 7th grade needs. Thanks and blessings! Shellece

Anonymous said...

love the the renaissance hat idea!!!
And also having the older grades make things for the little ones.

Your 1st grade curriculum strikes me as ambitious. how has it gone so far?