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Sunday, November 22, 2009

santa lucia

pre cut felt leaves

Inspired by Cadi am having our 2nd grade mothers make these felted crowns for their daughters to wear on santa lucia day (almost every girl at our school has negative memories of not being the eldest girls in class who was chosen to wear the candle crown, so all girls get to wear it this year). So here was my experiment crown....I discovered that you need to make the candles shorter or they start to fall over.
*I used pipe cleaner. 3 around the head over lapping
*one pipe cleaner per candle (over lap)
* I started at the top (place the flame at the top and then start to wrap the while batting around the yellow to keep it on) wrap the wool batting like you would wrap a ribbon....totally flat...if you turn the wrap will fold and it will look messy.
* when the candles are done move onto the green wreath part...wrap like a ribbon again.
* last is the felt leaves and the berries I needle felted on.

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Sarah said...

They are very sweet. In our school the oldest girl in the school is St. Lucia. The 2nd graders then dress in white and help carry the cookies from class to class while singing that Italian St. Lucia song (which, I confess, I find a bit weird for a scandinavian festival).