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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

7th grade slippers and award

several people have asked about the 7th grade slippers and the pattern.

So here you go

just go to this site and check it out! we will be putting leather on the bottom
which reminds me...I need to go to a thrift store and get a leather skirt to cut up.

Thank you Cadi for the kind award. you are also a true friend in the waldorf world. Even with our long distance between us, I still feel like we share shoulders to cry on.

So to pass this award on.....I would like to pass it to some other waldorf inspired bloggers

1)In the Hills- I enjoy checking in and seeing what you are up to. Keep up the good work!

2) Christopher Guilfoil- A waldorf art teacher in OR who I know will never see this award but who is an amazing inspiration to me.

3) ithaca Waldorf Julia....who is a wonderful friend and who needs to start blogging again!!!!!

4)Harmony valley- a wonderful person who draws amazingly well and who needs to show us more main lesson books that she is doing with her daughter so that we can ohhhh and ahhhh over them!.

5)Fairies nests- An amazing doll maker...she kind of reminds me of an elf in santa's workshop...totally creative and magical!

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Lisa Anne said...

Aww! Thank You, we have been off line for a while and we are super busy on the farm, but we hope to get back to blogging at the end of the month...(?) I have really enjoyed being off of the computer.