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I am a mother to two beautiful girls and I teach Handwork and Fine Arts in our local waldorf charter school in Arizona.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

5th grade socks

half of 5th grade is in woodwork and the other half is in handwork. 20 kids total

so 10 are with me and 4 are either done or on their toes of their socks. 1 child I sent to woodwork because this child could not be in the advanced group any longer.

so that leaves 5 that are behind in their work.

they tuned the heel but needed lots of help and don't knit fast or do homework.
We have 2 double periods left before we switch with woodworking.

These are note to myself for next year. :)


Josephine said...

They look great! Thank you for all your help. The time table was a great idea. The children seem to have no sense of time. When I told them our time line, it had no effect. When I turned mittens into recorder cases and took recess away from two boys for a week they started to knit (but they still talked a lot). I NEED to get speakers for my mac so we could listen to Harry Potter again. It was the only time they were quiet. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Hello I love your website and come here very often. I love all sorts of hand work. I teaching 2 and 3 grade in a small waldorf school in Guatemala and handwork classes (2 and 3 mixed grades and 4 and 5 mixed grades). We are finishing a proyect with crossed stitch with 4 and 5th grades and will start with socks. I have lots of patterns that i have done my self but i was wondering if you would like to share a pattern that has worked for you with this class. Thank you! my email is Thank you very much, Maria