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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

5th grade socks and letter

So I asked my husband look at my letter to the advanced 5th grade group....and he made the letter all funny....thought I would share it with you.....I won't end up sending THIS draft but it's still amusing. THe bottom part is the part changed not the top

Fifth Grade Advanced Knitting Group
Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

This letter is to inform you on that your child has been placed into the advanced knitters group. This year our advanced knitters will be taking on a knitting task that has never been done before at our school, but which has always been a goal for our fifth grade students. I feel confident that this fifth grade group will be able to take on the incredible craft of plant dyeing wool yarn and then knitting socks from this wool!
Part of the agreement for the advanced group, is that the children need to make sure they do their handwork homework every week, keep diligent notes on where they are in their knitting, and be willing to take out rows when they miss a stitch.
If your child forgets their Handwork project at home you will need to coordinate bringing it in to them before class starts. Fifth grade has their handwork class every Tuesday at 11:00am so please work together with your child to make sure that no extra trips are required.

Dear Fifth Grade Students,

As all you nosy children who read the Parents section now know, this year a select group of Fifth graders will be assigned to an advanced group. This advanced group of knitting fiends will be the first at our school to have the opportunity take on the incredible task of plant dyeing woolen yarn and proceed to make some small semblance of a dwarf’s sock from it. If there is time left over from your slave labor, our school will put to work in the gem mines of Moria to raise money for the school. Oh and I guess you can also make some boring other items like a hat and a horse.
Any whipper snapper assigned to the advanced group is required to make a commitment to keep on schedule with your work, mark down after each knitting session their current stitch and row and maintain a focus on finishing your projects before the end of the semester.
If you forget your work home you will need to call your parents to bring it in.
Student’s Name:______________________________
Parent’s Name:______________________________


Theresa said...

Funny! The kids will love that! oh, and beeeeyooooteeeeful dyed yarn...someday we will dye naturally, food dyes for us this year!

Anonymous said...

:-) love those mines of Moria!

woolladyfelter said...

You should totally let the othr teachers see that version. What a hoot!