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Thursday, August 6, 2009

the 4 tempuraments

The study of the 4 temperaments is something that I find VERY interesting.
I actually just ran into something online that said that there are actually 5 temperaments. Supine is the 5th

Anyway if you want to do a whole question answer is a site that will tell you what temperament you are (in relation to the 4 temperaments)...I found it to be some what true....I long as you answer all the questions truthfully.


Tahara said...

My husband and I took the quiz...Our primary temperament was right on, but both of our secondary temperaments were off...I say it is right about your main temperament...

Angela Mobley said...

I do like those quizzes...I like this one too, and this site has nice succinct descriptions of temperaments and how they relate to parenting. etc. is the site. I found it to be relatively accurate for me. Although I cringe at how incredibly sanguine I am. Ugh. Will balance ever be had?
Funny, I've been obsessing about temperaments lately too and how they apply to marriage and parenting. Very interesting indeed. Throw astrology and family of origin stuff in there and you are in for a wild ride! Then I can write my book, "Chicken Soup for the Sanguine Soul" that will be full of warmly approving stories about people who often change their mind and start more many knitting projects than they can possibly hope to finish. Not once will the word "flaky" be used. heh.

dottyspots said...

I enjoyed this too. I'd always thought I erred on the side of sanguine/choleric, so it wasn't a surprise when this came up :0)