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Sunday, March 1, 2009

year 2 at sunbridge completed

So I have now come to a close with my second year...2 more to go!

Here are some pics from this week
Come take a walk with me around campus. Here you see the Orchard house. Bottom floor is the Craft studio and upstairs is dorms.
This is the main house where registration, lectures and the cafe student computer room.
Here is Holder house Dorm house. 4 kitchens. 3 floors and I don't know how many rooms!
Front entrance way. Branches off to all the different directions
Hall way to our North Kitchen and our rooms
Julia and I were roommates . Julia is felting a small felted Gnome at the moment
Deb and Sarah's room
Do you remember that gnome Julia was just felting? Well we made 3 each (julia and I) and we are off to hide them in random places for kids to find. So walk with us through campus......
This is a lecture building.
This is the bridge that divides Sunbridge and the Springvalley campus. They call the sunbridge side "Brook Side". In the summer the camp director puts hundreds of arrow heads in the brook for the kids to find.
Julia is hiding a gnome in the roots of this tree. The yellow building in the back is the Eurythmy school.
Walking up to Spring Valley Waldorf school.
Julia is hiding a gnome in the branches of this tree outside 1st grade.
I hid all my gnome in the Kinder play yard...can you see one in the hole of the log?
This is a display case in the middle school building
7th grade class did this together. its many pictures put together
7th grade pestels of the spanish Armada being burnt by the english
Art class
Julia is looking at the display in the Handwork room
back at the craft studio and here are some treasures for sale
craft studio treasures for sale


Lisa Anne said...

It feels like I am back there, when I was there a month or so ago we had lots of snow. It looks as if Spring is breaking through there. I hope you had a great trip and that the flight went well for you.

Lovey said...

It looks like you had fun! I LOVE that picture by the 7th grade of the different pictures together. Very cool. I bet you had fun hiding gnomes! I can just imagine the happy faces of those who find them.


Mother of Pinky! said...

So cute that you hide gnomes around the campus!!!

Welcome home.

WendyZ said...

I envy you but know that if it is meant to be, my path will lead me there.

Lisa said...

Hiding the gnomes...too cute!

RunninL8 said...

Looks like such a wonderful place-and wonderful people/gnomes!

woolladyfelter said...

Hee Hee, That was fun to hide the gnomes :)

Lizz said...

Thanks for taking us around.

Angela Mobley said...

ah, I love Sunbridge. I hope things are going well for them and for the craft studio.