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Sunday, March 15, 2009

art history rant

I deleted this post because it was just too frustrating to have hanging around my blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
You may not really be looking for an answer to this seemingly trick question, but here it goes! Answer B does address the "immenseness" of the Eiffel Tower, however, it does not answer whether it is made of steel or not. I believe there is a difference between steel and iron, but I could be wrong. I think the tower was iron, not steel.

Lisa Anne said...

I have no clue, just checking back to see what the answer was. I can understand your frustration over this.

Teaching Handwork said...

It was made of steel...but good thought...

The answer is A....why? because the teacher is totally MAD!

Karen said...

That's really frustrating, and, in my opinion, pretty dishonest of the teacher. I read answer A about a million times to figure out how it could be wrong (considering what the textbook said) and I still don't see it. Very dishonest.

Cadi said...

Oh my gosh. I'd go nuts! Aren't you glad we don't subject children to these sorts of multiple choice questions at a Waldorf School?! (Huge sigh of relief.)