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Friday, March 27, 2009

medeival games and 8th grade art

8th grade chalk pastel drawings....starry night and starry night over the Rhone Van Gogh

we are hosting the Medieval games this year.....3 schools have come together to take part in this truly amazing event. I have some pics.....again unfortunately I can't show detailed pics without permission from parents.....but I have seen some more pics online if you search under waldorf school Medieval games.
This is a 6th grade event that takes place over 2 days.....truly amazing...the children have been working on doing Knightly things all year and have now been knighted.
The squires listening to their Queen talk in old English
gathering for the games
An event
Sign as you enter our campus
This is a trust game
faculty dressed up in medieval customs and we were either on the royal court or we were serving wenches and lads. it was lots of fun


Sarah said...

One of my favorite drawing from hels was in chalk pastel. Love the medieval games. Hels had hers last year--they were so fun.

Lizz said...

The starry nights are wonderful! And fun at the festival.

woolladyfelter said...

I know that lots of people love Starry night but it is one of my favorites - I like to see other peoples versions too. Your festival looks great - we don't have any close school to do that with.

Chalk Drawings said...

I cant believe those drawings arent real they are awesome. Love your blog too.

cypress said...

Do the Medieval Games replace the Pentathlon or is this something in addition to that? (Awesome kirtl in the that you?!)

Anne said...

What a fun day..:)

Lisa Anne said...

I love the art work, so inspiring. Our (previous) school held Medieval games but Amelia missed out last year because we moved but she will always remember the pentathlon in 5th grade.