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I am a mother to two beautiful girls and I teach Handwork and Fine Arts in our local waldorf charter school in Arizona.

Monday, December 8, 2008

My curriculum to date

Here is an update on my curriculum this year....

This happens to be a great place to write stuff down so that next year I can come back and view what I did.

1st grade. Cats (all but one child is done with the cats)
Birds ( most are on the plant dyed yarn birds)
Flute case (3 children...almost 5 are on their flute case)(1 is almost done)
I have 1st grade 4 times a week. I split them in half so really I get them 2 times a week. 45 min periods.

2nd grade we resanded our tools and knit a mouse. we leaned how to braid.
Then we knit a lion.
All but 5 children are still on their lion....most are on the head of the lion or are sewing them up.
Next is the owl (learning to pearl.)
Next is the Gnome. Only 2 children are on the gnomes.

3rd grade We crocheted chains
we crocheted a soap bag....I still have one boy on this soap bag......I wish I had an aide for him.
We plant dyed yarn
We crocheted recorder cases with the plant dyed yarn and with Brown sheep yarn
1/4 of the class is still on their recorder case
We crocheted puppets for stone soup puppet show
7 children have stared to weave on the lap looms.
I have them for a double period once a week

4th grade
all but 4 are on their handwork bags. most are on their loops (which is the very end of the bag project)
2 are making needle books
2 are doing cross stitch
5th grade we made new knitting needles.
They plant dyed wool to make horses
I still have one child who is not done with their horse.
5 needles to make hats, fingerless gloves and wrist bands.
Double period
I have one week left with this class. They will switch with the woodwork class

6th grade we started with making a mouse from wool felted fabric.
A gusseted animal.
Next they chose an animal that is in need of help (going extinct) and they drew it and made a gusseted pattern. Then we bought an adoption certificate for one of the animals. This group chose a seal.
Next they made marionettes. we made puppets for 2 shows. we have done one show and will do another next week.
next they made table puppets (star children and mushroom children)
They ended with making sock monsters. Free design.
Double period 1 time per week

7th grade Wet felted balls for pin cushions
Embroidered pencil cases for the 2nd grade
Felted people
Wet felted hat (only 2 children finished this project ) and I didn't feel I knew enough about how to instruct them to have the rest of the children do this. My advanced handworkers did the hats.
A felted picture
needle felted gnomes
group project.....Felted playscape.
double period 1x per week

8th grade We had a lesson the sewing machine history
made Lesson books writing down the history
They sewed math jewel bags for 1st grade
they sewed a 8 piece tomato pin cushion
using a pattern they made hats
Making up their own pattern they made mittens
They sewed quilted pillows
Free style making clothes.


FairiesNest said...

You certainly have a full schedule! But how wonderful to teach handwork to children, I really miss it!

WendyZ said...

I would LOVE to be a Handwork Teacher, but I need to learn more myself first!

woolladyfelter said...

I so have to do this too