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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Homework for my teacher training program at Sunbridge

It's time to start thinking about doing my homework. we meet up again in February......I hope it snows!!!!!!!!!

So maybe you can help me think of something to make:

I have to make an animal but it can't be a horse, lamb or a lion. we already did those.

So I have this blue yarn.....this is what it looks like at the moment.

It has to have 4 legs..... It's feeling like its going to be an elephant. ......kind of boring..... what else has 4 legs and could be blue.........a hippo? any ideas? I'll make it just shout out an idea.

2) I have to think about and then write a description of my final project.......MAKING AN ARTICLE OF CLOTHING ......from scratch.

AHHHHHHHH, what should I make? it has to be really cool and something that I would actually use.

How about I spin yarn and knit a skirt and then felt it................that has the potential to go drastically wrong.......ahhhhhhhh. But I would love to make that!

what to make, what to do?

Any ideas?

For those who want to know what program I am talking about here is the link

Its the Handwork teacher training at the threefold craft studio in the Sunbridge college campus



WendyZ said...

That's the program I'd like to eventually complete. Sounds lovely!

Pam said...

Being an Aussie I think you should make a Koala Bear from the knitting.
For the article of clothing you could nuno felt some fabric.(felting on to a fabric like silk or muslin) Then sew it into a skirt and even embroider after that!

sistermama said...

Would you mind sharing how much the course costs? I would love to start with the new cycle next summer.

Lisa Anne said...

I would love to weave my own cloth and then make a skirt or shirt. Sounds right up my alley.

K. said...

Hmm, how about a mole?

Anonymous said...

definitely a dragon

always in the kitchen said...

Do a camel,then post a pattern!I've been looking high and low for a camel pattern...