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I am a mother to two beautiful girls and I teach Handwork and Fine Arts in our local waldorf charter school in Arizona.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Mrs. K, you smell like cookies"

This is a first grader who is on her second project. she did a cat and now she is doing a blue bird. This yarn was plant dyed by the 3rd grade. it is Brown sheep untreated bulky single ply yarn with indigo dye.
The Knitting needles are dowels from Dowels on demand
I think it is size 5/16th?
Julia is that right?
1st grade rubbing the handwork pumpkin for "handwork luck" .....they are so funny!
4th grade embroidered bags

felted picture from 7th grade
Wet Felting felt for making Renaissance hats. 7th grade

These are 2 of the felted people. its a 7th grade project . the children think of a country they are from and make felted people. This is a sumo from Japan and a Russian. and wet felted balls.

So yesterday while teaching 8th grade sewing, a student leans over and starts to smell my arm, "Mrs. K you smell like a cookie, guys come here and smell Mrs. K, doesn't she smell like cookies." From here I had 5 students come over and start smelling me....very strange experience, my first reaction was to run away from their noses, but I was kind of pinned, so I allowed them to smell my arms. From there they announced that Yes I did smell like a cookie, hence we must make cookies so that they can eat some. This conversation lead to what they could sew that would go with cookies, pot holders, mits, aprons and place mats. How interesting......I guess we will be making cookies one of these days....I do have an stove in my building.

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