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Sunday, September 28, 2008

First grade finger play and verses

after we say our first grade verse I go into saying small poems or songs that play with your fingers.

so I thought I would share my monthly poem rotation with you.

My first one for Aug/ Sep was

Pea Pod
Seed Pod
Bean Pod and
Poppy Pod
Split when they ripen and
open with the pop

take thumb and pointer and touch them together and rob them together in a circle.
then thumb and middle , rub in a circle. kind of like rolling a small piece of wax between your fingers.
go to thumb and ring and last thumb and pinky

change hands.

two first graders meet in the lane and bow most politely and bow once again
How do you do
and how do you do
and how do you do again. etc......
(I think i put this song in a post about a month ago)

late september:

A Knight and a lady went riding one day
far into the forest away, away
The Knight said oh lady pray have a care
this forest is evil beware beware,
A fiery red dragon it lay on the path
the lady wept sourly alas alas
The Knit slew the dragon the lady was gay
they road off together away away


Five little witches on a Halloween night
Made a very, very spooky sight.
The first witch danced on her tippy tiptoes.
The second witch tumbled and bumped her nose.
The third witch flew high up in the air.
The fourth witch combed her fuzzy hair.
The fifth witch sang a Halloween song.
Five witches played the whole night long!
- Anonymous

Thank you fairynest for the poem


FairiesNest said...

You're very welcome! Poetry and handwork just GO together don't they!?

woolladyfelter said...

I love all the info and which classes that you list. I will have to do the same. Your right it is a good notebook for yourself for future years. I am going to collect the last of the goldenrod (if there is any) and simmer it up and freeze it for winter time blues busters dyeing.

Ms. Pisces said...


Anonymous said...

How do I make a cat or a bluebird? I have all of the knitting books, and I am not quite sure what to do.

Thanks! Your site is beautiful and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

who has written the " knight and the lady " poem .. may i plz know