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Monday, September 15, 2008

3rd, 2nd, and 1st grade updates

This is more a note for me to see how the year is going so that next year I can look and see where we were at this time.

We are exactly 4 weeks into the school year. My 2nd graders re sanded and waxed their needles, we plant dyed yellow wool for lions and I told the story of the lion and the mouse. They finished their mice....except 2 children who are new to the class. And they have started on their lions. 20 children in 2nd grade. 1/2 are on their second leg....first leg is 11 stitches and 9 bumps (2 rows per bump).

The mouse was 10 stitches knitted until you make a square. sew together and stuff. add felt ears and sew them on.

I have a story teller in 2nd grade and she is reading Stuart Little....perfect for the mouse project. they were really into it!

3rd grade is continuing crochet from the second half of last year. 26 kids in this class.
in the picture you can see my fast crocheters have almost finished their recorder cases.
next we move to the Stone soup puppets.

1st grade: They made their needles, they finger knitted they draw stings for their handwork bags (I make handwork bags for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. In their class colors. Pink, orange and yellow)
They wound their balls of yarn from small skeins that I made. They learn to cast on and caste on enough stitches to fill the needle.
Most have knit 2 rows at week 4.

that 's all for now

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shelleycaskey said...

oh, those knitted recorder cases are lovely! and i just LOVE the picture of the yarn sitting in the chairs, waiting for the children to arrive! beautiful!