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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

adding more to first grade

The top picture is of the 1st and 2nd grade curriculum...this is a picture from Sunbridge... you can see the cat and the pouch there

First Grade verses
These are my hands as you can see, this is my right and this is my left. I can stretch them out wide and pull them in close. I can reach them up high and hang them down low. I can shake them up and hold them quite still. These are my hands they do as I will.

Two jolly grandfathers meet in the lane
Bow most politely , bow once again
How do you do, and how do you do, and how do you do again
Two first graders meet in the land etc
Two tall farmers meet in the lane etc
Two shepherd girls meet in the lane etc
Two wooly sheep meet in the lane etc

Our time for now has ended. Our hands may come to rest. We thank our hands both left and right, for helping us to do our best.

My fingers are so sleepy, It's time they went to bed. First you Little Baby, Tuck in your tiny head. Ruby Ring, now it's your turn. Next comes Toby Great. Peter Pointer hurry Because it's getting late. Let's see if they're all nestled, No! - there's one to come, Move over please and make room For Tommy Thumb.
Blessings on your day 1st grade boys and girls.

4) Leaning how to cast on
Under the fence, catch the sheep back we come and ON we leap
5) Making a square. Cat Pattern
Cast on 16 stitches. Knit until the square can fold into a triangle.

6) Casting off
Knit one, Knit two, leap frog sue .

7) Knitting Bird. Cast on 14. same as Cat pattern but sew in a triangle . Sew on orange felted beak.

Cast on 16 stitches. Knit length of 2 squares (able to fold into 2 triangles)

Flute Case Pattern:

8 color changes (your choice in how this is done).
This current pattern is for size 10 needles

Cast on 40 stitches.

1) Knit 2 ribs (4 rows)

Change color and leave a 2 inch tail on the end.

2) Knit 2 ribs ( 4 rows)

Change color again and leave a 2 inch tail on the end. Make sure that you only change color when you have the tails at the tip of the knitting needle. This will make a fridge on the bottom of the flute case.

3) Repeat for 8 color changes. (This could mean 2 colors changing back and forth or 4 colors changing around etc)

4) After the 8th color change, cast off and sew the case up using the whip stitch. That means we use a yarn needle and sew in a spiral. Leave the top unsewn.
5) 2 methods to finish. Either knit a flap with a button or have your child make a twisty twirly and gather it at the top (a draw string) like their handwork bag.

6) The flap:
Cast on 15 stitches. Knit 5-8 ribs and cast off. Sew on a button.

Knit a pouch. Cast on 16 . Learn to decrease
Cast on 16 stitches. Knit length of 2 squares (able to fold into 2 triangles)

Under two fences, catch the sheep, back we come and off we leap.
Decrease the pouch by decreasing one stitch each row.
Ends with a triangle
Get a button to finish it.


Cadi said...

Nate made a rainbow ball in 1st grade. I snapped a picture a while back & located it in my file-o-mess & uploaded it to flickr. It's here:
I love the colors. I think his handwork teacher used plant-dyed yarns.

RunninL8 said...

I love the display and thanks for the verse!

Gypsy said...

Oh that is so beautiful. Your students (and their mamas) are so lucky - I get so inspired reading your blog.