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Thursday, May 22, 2008

end of the year round up

We have the last few projects from fist grade going home...bears, bags, finger puppets etc
So my daughter's play was last week...she preformed it 3 times and had 2 parts. 2nd grade did the Indian story of the world is falling was so cute! I can't show pics of other students with out you get to just see my daughter as the sun...the play took place in the 3rd grade building structure...they build a shade/ shelter out of hay bales and stuck mud on top (stucco) and wood roof... it is an amazing structure!

Next we have a picture of my older daughter and her friend being very silly with tape on their noses right before we leave for our Spring assembly where we go to local community college and all the grades preform on stage to all the parents (we have so many families that there is not enough seats for everyone. (that's a good sign that we have a very healthy community)

Next you see the second Humming bird about to leave the nest and the mommy feeding him and helping him go...they are so cute when they learn to fly...they get their wings flapping and then they just fall off and about 6 inches down they start to fly up again.

next is my younger daughter drinking from a coconut and having fun on the tire swing


Lisa Anne said...

Yes, there is that end of the school year feeling in the air. I am getting all of Amelia's school work together for her homeschool portfolio review, we have done so much, it is a good feeling to have accomplished so much.

Lizz said...

The hummingbirds are so sweet, that bit about learning to fly!

A colorful, funny and sweet post. Thanks!

woolladyfelter said...

I love the finger people puppets. Quick and simple for end of year projects.
Your girls are so beautiful.

Cadi said...

9 more days here. I'm counting the hours, no minutes, no seconds... :-)