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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dyers garden

So its time to start up my Dyers garden. The Gardening teacher and I went over what to plant this coming year.

So far this is what we are at
Red and Yellow onions

If you have any other suggestions...let me know :)


Maymomvt said...

Hels wants to start a dyers garden. I just gave her a book called "the dyers garden" for her birthday!

denise said...

Oh, that sounds lovely. We always try to have a few different plants for dying projects too. I'll have to come back to see what is recommended!

RunninL8 said...

No suggestions right now, but did you build that trelis? I'm trying to make one out of alder trunks fo rhte back yard.

Cadi said...


it looks lovely. i've always wanted a dye-garden. :-)

Lisa Anne said...

Oh I can think of so many, I would put some nettle in a little out of the way corner. Its a good plant to have in the garden (used in Biodynamics) for dye and tea. Definitely calendula or marigolds for the Michealmas gold, I do this every year. My daughter is doing a natural dye project for 4-H this year, we have lots of books in the ready.

woolladyfelter said...

Did you start the madder seeds yet?? Some of mine grew some didn't - let me now if you want me to mail you a few more. Marigolds are great like Lisa Anne said. They dry perfectly too - pick all summer long and then you have a bag full by Late summer to dye the lion yarn.