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Saturday, January 19, 2008

felted gnome cave tutorial

felted gnome cave tutorial

First you need a foam mat for felting on, wool roving or dyed wool batting and last you need a felting needle.

felt your white batting into the base mat...the ground
make sure that the edges are nice and round...fold it over and tac it down to make it round.
next get your ground cover and tac it down
tac tac tac

now the cave. you will felt the cave flat and then make it round

fold your cave and place it where you want it.
tac it down

now you need to make the stones. you can roll the stone felt in your hands and felt them down

now the fire.
felt it flat and then pull it up and place into the fire pit


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Dawn said...

That is such a cute gnome cave and such a good explanation of how to make it. Thank you so much.