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Saturday, July 14, 2007

2nd grade

Pics of what I have been working on for 2nd grade. These animals will work into a story about an old saguaro cactus in the desert and the life around him. The mouse (we have 3 desert mice in AZ the cactus mouse, the canyon mouse and the grasshopper mouse. They can choose what breed of mouse they are. So the story goes something like, the mouse comes looking for seeds, mesquite beans and leaves to eat. The beans and leave are all gone, but the cactus has some petals from his cactus flower that the mouse can eat) after all the mice are made, they leave and go home because the snakes are coming out. Again they can choose the breed. (the whip snake, the king snake and the night snake) This Snake is looking for food and he loves mice, but all the mice are gone. So the cactus gives him some cactus milk to drink.

When all the snakes are done, they too leave because the owl is coming out and he likes to eat both mice and snakes, but they are all gone . The cactus soon tells her about some bugs that are living inside the cactus and hurting it. The owl and the cactus make a deal that if the owl can eat all the bugs then it can make a home inside the cactus.

Anyway the story will go something like that. I will need to work on it. Any ideas would be great!

Last, the desert Gnomes come out and tend the desert gardens, making sure there is harmony in the desert.

Hmmmm, yep that’s all for now.

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Mother of Pinky! said...

Very cute! I love little animals!