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I am a mother to two beautiful girls and I teach Handwork and Fine Arts in our local waldorf charter school in Arizona.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here is my dream place to get fabric

look at some of these cool colors


angelina said...

spoonflower eh. i'll check it out. my stash is dwindling..

momma rae said...

i love spoonflower! the ones you chose are super fun! ;)

Crescent Moon said...

I do love their fabric, but it's so expensive.

Bairbre Aine said...

what an amazing site! I love all the designed fabrics! I am excited to have this information and contact now!
Thank you!!!

angelina said...

love your blog, is that you standing by the fibercraft sign?
love the watercolors on the next post also..beautiful.