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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dowels on demand

I received my dowels on Friday......only a month and a half after ordering them!
So in the future I need to order them in May!

Here is the issue!!!!!!!! I adore these dowels.....I just get no communication from the people making I never got a final price on how much they would be until I had the bill in hand. I now have a price I just know that is the way it is......but you see I would never go any place else....the price rocks and the wood is amazing! the kids love these dowels, they don't break or splinter.

Looking at them now I think next year I will order only the Cocobolo wood, that is the brown one. its is much heavier and stronger than the other two. the yellow one is called zebra wood and is light weight, looks cool but is also 75 cents a dowel instead of about 47 or 50 cents a dowel.....not a reorder for me
actually Purple heart will also do for next year, I ordered that last year and really liked it.

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Sarah said...

Did you ever buy those knitting needles from that Chinese site? If so, did they deliver, etc?