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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paper making for 3rd 7th & 8th

So for next year we will be making paper for our Handwork lesson books

3rd will make them because they are making all sorts of stuff in the 3rd grade. its their building year

7th and 8th need books for their pattern, design and how to of handwork (8th grade does history and diagram of the sewing machine) (7th grade does lots of felting)

so here it is
what you need

paper that is soaked over night in a bowl of water
frame with a mesh stapled on top
rolling pin
scented oils


Dawn said...

I've always wanted to try this. Thanks for posting the directions. Handmade paper is so pretty.

denise said...

That turned out so nice! I always get overly enthusiastic and try to combine all kinds of things and end up with gray. ;P Thanks for posting...I should try again, this time with the boys!

Lizz said...

Fun, thanks!

Lisa Anne said...

I think we should try this again, like Denise I go a little wild with the add-ins. This maybe a nice thing to make for an end of the homeschooling year celebration, a nature journal to write all of the summers adventures.

Tammy said...

What great paper! So very beautiful. :)

woolladyfelter said...

what kind of paper do you start with? Its beautiful.

knitsteel said...

That is such an interesting process and makes such fun results. I'll have to look at the youtube video after we get back from our vacation.