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Friday, November 30, 2007

kind words from one of my 3rd graders

so it was raining today and it NEVER rains here!
it never snows I told myself that if it ever rained and I had class, I would let them run in the rain for the last 5 minutes of class. So today was the day and I told the 3rd graders that they would be able to play in the rain at the end of class. So the time came and all the kindergarten parents were standing outside under the porch and saw us dash outside to run into the play yard...well apparently one of the 3rd grade moms was standing there and was VERY upset that I would let kids go out in the rain with out their jackets on. this made for a bid discussion and all the parents agreed with her or if they didn't they didn't say so. So I brought back the class and the main lesson teacher said "I am already getting complaints about your run in the rain" So I went to the office and one of the moms (who I thought was my friend) just had it out with I told her my feelings on the matter and she said hers (we were loud) and that was that. I went to the administrator and told her what happened and she said this happens every year and I am not alone in feeling that rain is good for the kids and getting wet and drying off in class is part of the experience.

So about 30 mins later one of the 3rd graders came up to me and said "did you get in trouble for letting us play in the rain?" I thought about it for a second and said "yes I did" and he said, "you shouldn't have, you are a really good teacher and you were just being nice to us."
I was so touched, I smiled at him and said "thank you"
I did NOT expect that from this child, he is usually making mischief in my class, maybe that is why he could relate, my action was mischievous and he liked it...or maybe he was right, I felt like I was being nice...cause you know I wasn't running in the rain for my own enjoyment.

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Mother of Pinky! said...

Wow - you just never know what might upset people. I am amazed again and again - we are all so different.