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Thursday, February 7, 2013

collage project

some people have asked how to do the collage project I did last year with the 2nd grade.  we will be doing it again  this year and here is the info I gave the parents

This year the students of the third grade have taken water colored paintings and transformed them into a collage painting  glued onto a canvas.  In essence they started with one idea  (painting color shades) and with that transformed the color pieces (tiles) into a form on the canvas.   The students took 4 blank canvases and created two pictures that connect.  One is a Noah’s ark theme and the other is the story of Star Money.   

Basically the children paint on water colored paper ....just like they normally do.  make sure there is lots of different colors.  then they rip the paper into small bits and put them into baggies that match in color.  so you have like colors together.  then you take the canvases and glue.   that mag pag stuff or is it mog pog .  
have the kids paint the canvas with the glue. place the background tiles and glue on top.  next add the main story on top of the background.  glue place and glue again 

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