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Friday, November 11, 2011

the math operations

Check out this great site for black board drawings.

The Four Math Operations- characterized

Allen M. Stovall

- King Peter Plus, easygoing and fond of good food, gathers a bounty of apples from his orchard.
- Queen Mary Minus, compassionate and concerned, gives away apples to those who are in need.
- Raja Taj Times, a happy-go-lucky magician, instantly multiplies a few apples into many.
- Princess Deborah Divide, a strong but fair-minded leader, makes certain each family in her domain gets an equal share of apples.
~Allen Stovall
I wrote a short play based on these and other math characters, which my Grade One Class delightfully performed on the last day of school.
(Thanks to Eugene Schwartz for inspiration.)


Anonymous said...

I love this!! I really enjoy your blog- always full of inspiration! Thanks for keeping it going.

Allen said...

Greetings, Teaching Handwork!

I only discovered your lovely blog yesterday. Thank you for posting my chalkboard drawings; I'm honored that you would do so. However, I can not take credit for the very fine drawing of the Greek statue-- I do not know who created that one.

You are to be commended for sharing your extremely important skills with the children, helping to enrich their lives in more ways than many people realize.

Warm regards, Allen Stovall