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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lesson plan for 3rd grade crochet

Many specialty teachers do not know how to make a lesson plan.  Here is an example of a third grade crochet class.

Third Grade crocheting a soap bag  
Students will: 
  • ·         Learn to single  crochet
  • ·         Learn to make a soap bag
  • ·         Handwork bag
  • ·         Crochet hook
  • ·         Cotton yarn
  • ·         Scissors
  • ·         Oatmeal soap
All handwork bags should be on chairs. 
  • ·         Say the crochet verse for the students
·         Under the bridge of two
Catch the fish and bring it through
Under the yarn for another one
Through the loops, and then you’re done!
  • ·         Ask students to crochet chain of 15 stitches
  • ·         Then they go back long the first row (this row is only under the bridge of 1)
  • ·         At the end of the row they don’t turn around and go back, instead they crochet along the bottom of their work as if they were turning the corner of a race track (still crocheting under the bridge of 1)
  • ·         At the end of that row, the verse is very important for Under the Bridge of Two
  • ·         Students will continue to single crochet round and round like on a race track till their bag pulls up enough to hold a bar of oatmeal soap
  • ·         Students can either crochet it closed or leave it open to exchange soap when done.
  • ·         Crochet a chain for a loop to hang the soap bag
Walk around room to answer any questions that the students might have.
Let them take home their soap bags home .
Observe students as they work. Make a note of those students who are talking too much and not working
1        Did students listen to the story  2, Did they listen to instructions if not why? 3. Were they quiet and respectful?  4. Were they able to make a soap bag? 5. Did they have to come see you after the lesson for makeup work?


Patty-Jean Here said...

Thank-you for this. I've written down the little verse - My 6 year old is crocheting chains, but I've been wondering how to take her to the next level - this verse is perfect. Thanks!

Jo Windmill said...

Thank you for posting your lesson plans.
I am wondering of you have any photos of the soap bags??
Lovely Blog!