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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Puppet show is starting

This is not my best puppet show by far! but it was something I put together pretty quick for my daughter. I wrote the play and made the puppets in one day. we practiced only 2 times for there is some hiccups. But here is the play. You are welcome to use know how I love to share.

There was once a young flower child, born from the folds of a spring tulip, she was raised by the woodland fairy folk. They named her Tulipa and cared for her as if she was a fairy herself.

Tulipa was kind to all the many creatures of the forest and enjoyed helping them when in need. She would help the busy honey bees who lived in the old apple tree by going out and gathering flowers so that they could drink the flower nectar. She would help the sheep find the sweetest grass to eat and her dearest friends were the bunnies who always were getting into mischief.

On Tulipa’s 6th birthday, her only wish was to ask for a pair of Fairy wings from the Beautiful Fairy Queen.

Tulipa sat next to her animal friends and complained “Today is my 6th birthday and all I want is to fly above the trees, but until the Fairy queen grants my wish, all I can do is walk, hop, and jump in the forest.”

As the morning light filled the forest, Tulipa went to a new born flower and sat down on the top of the flower to wait for the Fairy Queen…… for everyone knows that the only way to meet the Fairy Queen is atop a flower as its petals are touched by the sun’s rays for the very first time.

“Dear child” Said the Fairy Queen, “Good Morning, are you waiting for me?”

Tulipa jumped to her feet and very gracefully curtsied.

“Yes Fairy Queen I have been waiting to ask you for a Birthday wish”

“Ah, yes, and what would you like to wish for on this Sixth Birthday of yours, child?”

“All I have every wanted is to be granted a pair Fairy Wings.” Said Tulipa.

The Fairy Queen looked sad, “I would give you fairy wings if I could, but a Goblin sits at the base of the Fairy Wing tree and I cannot make him leave until winter when he falls asleep till spring. Now that spring has arrived the Goblin has woken up again.” “But, you have many animal friends in the forest to help you trick the Goblin. Bring your bunny friends with you and with their help you will have your wings.

Tulipa thanked the fairy queen and set out to gather her bunny friends. Once she had found the 3 cleverest bunnies in the meadow they began their journey into the forest to find the Fairy winged tree.

As they neared the end of the path. Tulipa saw the most beautiful tree she had ever seen and all around it hung 100’s of fairy wings flapping to and fro. But under the tree was the most horrible looking goblin she had ever seen.

The first bunny said, “I will put sweet honey suckle under his nose so that he will not smell you Tulipa”
The second bunny said, “and I will thump the ground with my foot so that he will not hear you coming Tulipa”
The third bunny said, “And I will run to and fro in front of him so that he will not see you coming but instead he will watch me.”

So the 3 bunnies did as they said the first brought the Goblin sweet honey suckles to smell,……… the second thumped the ground very loudly …………..and the third ran to and fro.

Tulipa softly walked up the tree, trying her best not to be seen by the Goblin. She plucked a small pair of wings from the tree. But as she did this, the tree began to jingle.

The goblin looked up and saw Tulipa.
“Who are you? And why have you come to take my fairy wings? They are mine, mine mine. I will have to catch you and eat you” but at that moment the three bunnies grabbed Tulipa and carried her as fast as their little bunny feet would carry them. And as we all know bunnies are very fast indeed.

The Goblin tried to catch them but he was far too slow and is easily confused by direction.

Tulipa was carried back to their meadow and there she smiled a big smile she kissed the noses of each bunny, she put her wings on her back and with one big jump she leapt into the air and flew above the trees.

The bunnies sat together congratulating each other on such a fine job and watched Tulipa as they planned their next adventure.

-Narsingh Khalsa

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