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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Facebook group

I cut and pasted this because I was laughing while reading just cracked me up! I can totally related to all the questions!

This is a group for people who know what it means to be a waldorfian.

You know you've been a child of Waldorf when...

1. you know pencil shavings make everything prettier

2. you rip your pants and instead of throwing them away, you whip out
and a needle and fix them

3. faries and gnomes were your childhood friends

4. there's no need to research the dating history of your boyfriend/
girlfriend, you know everyone they've dated

5. knitting is not just a new trend- you've done it since first grade

6. you've made socks, hats, potholders, flutecases, stuffed animals,
sewn your own clothes

7. as you kiss your boyfriend/ girlfriend, you realize it is like
kissing a
sibling... you break up

8. it doen't seem weird to have the same teacher for eight years

9. you can never escape your ex... they'll probably date your best

10. tie dye was part of your dress code as a child

11. at least one of your woman teachers doen't shave

12. you've dyed your hair an unatural color at least once... or
what you would look like with purple hair

13. you've held hands and skipped around a pole, and no one thought it

14. you've lived in a house without TV at some point

15. you can spell out words with your arms... no need for the finger

16. you have eurythmy shoes laying around your house

17. you've worn a eurythmy gown

18. you know what eurythmy is

19. you've had a crush on all the guys/ girls in your class

20. everybody in the school knows if you ditch class, or break a rule
hook up with somebody

21. you know not to breathe near the blue paint

22. you can play a wooden recorder

23. you can never forget your embarrassing childhood- they chose a
of you to go on the school brochure

24. you didn't have barbies or GI joe, you had silks and wooden trucks

25. you know all the bible stories even though you've never set foot
a church

26. you wonder if Waldorf has an agreement with Volvo to only drive

27. cheerleaders, football players, and all things "public school" are
only scorned, but feared

28. you've been asked "isn't that a cult" when you say you go to

29. the thought of main lesson book nights haunt you years after you

30. you've been in at least one Shakepeare play

31. you've used the words "Waldork" and "Waldorfian"

32. you couldn't wait to get out of there, but once you did you wanted
to be

33. you don't know the pledge of allegience, but "I do behold the
world" and
the Bell Ringing verse are permanently imprinted in your brain

34. you know in your heart that no matter how hard you try to escape,
will always be a child of Waldorf


Linda said...

Oh wow, this was awesome to read!

Tahara said...

Oh, this is too funny :-0

RunninL8 said...

So fun! I hope my 5yr old can relate to this one day!!!!