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I am a mother to two beautiful girls and I teach Handwork and Fine Arts in our local waldorf charter school in Arizona.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

link it up! Handwork conference , cake and dolls

Handwork conference coming in April. Location:  New York, at Sunbridge College/ Three fold learning center.

Its worth going if you can't afford to go to a training but you want to learn more and you want to connect with more handwork teachers from around the world.

Here is really cute site and a very cool cake! and to top it off it's VEGAN!!!!  rock on!
paper crain's cake

Here is the material I like the best and this women has the dolls already pre sewn and the head made etc. its a nice quick-make kit .
Fairy wool dolls

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hoop it!

We are in the process of going out and getting supplies for making hula hoops....we will post pics soon.

I just love our winter and summer break....nice quality time with the important for our sanity

Below is the instructions for making hoops

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Waldorf Spiral walk

Since we are a charter school we seem to be finding that we have a large turnover of children....this results in the fact that many families have never been able to experience the spiral walk. a faculty we decided that the spiral walk should not end in 3rd grade like so many schools do (the spiral walk is usually provided for kindergarten through 3rd grade and then brought back again in high school...yet I can't find where Steiner said that this is the way it should be) but should be given to all the children at our school.
What are we looking for when doing a festival like this?
The spiral walk teaches reverence, compassion, and journeying on a path to find where you stand in the dark vast space of the universe. Don't you think every child and adult could benefit from this experience?!!!

We split up the spiral into 3 days. Each class walks alone....we don't have everyone walk together.
We also have the festival committee host the event and organize the whole process. Each class meets in their classroom (lit only with candles) while the families wait outside for a faculty member to bring them to the spiral garden room. The families take a vow of silence for the entire festival.
A part of me wants to share with you all the odd/ funny things that can go wrong with a spiral walk.....but I guess I will only do that if you all really want to know....

What to expect:
Families begin to arrive and immediately they feel the mood on the campus is one of quiet and reverence. Children scuffle towards their classroom muffling giggles of anticipation. Parents greet one another in hushed voices as they pull coats and shawls over themselves to keep in the warmth. The class teacher welcomes everyone and asks the children to take off their coats and hand them to their parents. Soon a faculty member arrives and walks the eager parents to a room lit with just a few candles. The center of the room holds a large spiral pathway edged with evergreen boughs, crystals, wooden animals , sea shells and stars. The mood of peace and anticipation fills the room.
Back in the classroom, the class teacher tells a story to set the mood for the children. Then the students start to sing and walk together across campus to the spiral garden and take their seats. The children shuffle around for few minutes, taking in the whole room. They smell the pine, they feel the darkness of the room and can barely make out the faces of their parents sitting across the way. One at a time each student is called up to take a candle held in an apple, then walk into the spiral and light their candle from the center light. After their candle is lit they walk out and place their candle upon a golden star. With each candle the room begins to brighten. After all the children have made their journey through the spiral, the class quietly stands and a sense of accomplishment fills the air as they leave the room.
Parents wait until all the students have left and then they are asked to retrieve their own child's apple from the spiral. Parents walk back in silence and join their children holding within them the memory of the evening.

Things to remember:
This is a very reverent festival. Please talk to your children about remaining quiet throughout the entire festival. We ask you to take the challenge for a vow of silence from the moment you enter the campus.

No cameras or camcorders. Please keep this beautiful picture as a memory.
Cell phones need to be turned off.
Due to fire hazard all children with long hair must have their hair pulled back into a pony tail.

The attire for the students is formal dress. No long dresses please because their dresses can catch on fire when passing the candles on the floor.
Please arrive on time as the doors will be locked to prevent interruption during the festival.

Small children are encouraged to join the childcare program in the kindergarten building so you are free to enjoy watching your child walk the spiral without distraction. Drinks and snacks will be available for these children. If your infant becomes fussy during the walk, please quietly exit the room.

After the festival is over, The child’s apple/candle may be brought home .

If you need to stay on campus between walks, please remain in the childcare room. To support the quiet atmosphere, the playground and classrooms are off limits during this festival.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Waldorf Spiral walk

Last night was our first of 3 days of spiral walks. Both my girls (kindergartner and 4th grader) walked last night. This morning I was in the kitchen and when I came into the dinning room I found my kindergartner (who was totally smitten with the festival) had eaten her apple and had tried to set up a spiral garden with pine boughs and dolls. SOOOO CUTE!!!!
Next time I came into the room she had dismissed the spiral and decided the apple should go in it.
Kids are just so cute!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the end of the semester

7th grade

these are the last few slipper done.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My newest black board drawing

I don't get a chance very often to draw on a broad....but this Saturday was our winter fair so I did the curriculum board fun!!!
I saw a sun drawn with doves flying in them on another site and loved the way the doves were in the I used the idea...If I had more time I would have added more people and fish etc....but ran out of time :(

Santa Fe waldorf school

The Santa Fe waldorf school has been in existence for 26 years and has a superb faculty and campus. What a gift to be able to go to this school.

7th grade paintings

Looking in the window of the handwork room
This is the2nd grade class

1st grade and look at the cool wood on top of the doors

6th grade geometry

even their toilet stalls are nice looking

flags in the hallways representing all the grades

beautiful handwork display case!

2 of many 3rd grade building projects